Outstanding views!

This year we visited beautiful Budapest!

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Racism isn’t born, folks. It’s taught. I have a 2-year-old son. Know what he hates? Naps. End of list. —Dennis Leary, 1992  (via thegayyestone)



Everyone who’s alive right now. Everyone’s who’s made it this far. We’ve all done the worst kinds of things just to stay alive. But we can still come back. We’re not too far gone. We get to come back. I know… we all can change.

Anna Kendrick Birthday Countdown

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2011 tumblr aesthetic. comments under every post and an accompanying gif of rachel from glee. oversaturated graphics with eight frames to keep under the 500kb limit. having lost the ability to can


I just want to lay in bed with someone in our underwear and make out, watch movies and fuck like 3 or 10 times

this game has no end


*uses five energies*


untitled by Corrin Nicole; on Flickr.

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